Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SLR Film Photography Special Effect (Part 2) - Impressionist Effect

This is a second article addressing SLR film photography Special Effects techniques that can be accomplished “through the lens”, being immediately immortalized on the film and ultimately the negative.

It requires no special instructions to the developing agent, whether your local photography shop or mail in developing service. Your prints will be developed with perfect exposure.

The Impressionist Effect, like the Ghosting Effect detailed in Part 1, , is accomplished by using your SLR's multiple exposure feature, with a simpler procedure than outlined in your SLR user manual. The Impressionist Effect is more like photo art, ideal for still life or landscape photography, where all is motionless. This effect works particularly well for photographing flowers but would create an equally impactful and artistic photograph of any still life shot that exhibits lots of different colors; like brightly painted houses, fishing boats or toys.

You only take two exposures on the same film frame, one in-focus and the second out-of-focus. This will give your photograph that Monet-style look. The key is that nothing within the frame moves between the first and second shot.

The simple steps to execute the Impressionist Effect are:

1. Stabilize the camera using - a tripod is best, a stable surface is a second option. You might even want to use a remote shutter release cable to avoid any camera jitter.

2. Set number of multiple exposures on your SLR to '2';

3. For the roll of film in your SLR, determine the film speed (S);

4. Reset the camera film speed (Yes, you can override the setting) to (2 × S) or, if not an exact match, set it to the absolute closest speed ((2 × S) ± adjustment);

5. Turn OFF the camera's LENS Automatic Focus feature (located on the Lens itself);

6. Take your first shot with the frame in sharp focus;

7. Take the second shot with the frame completely out of focus (Yes, turn your lens to extreme out of focus.

REMEMBER: Check and reset the SLR film speed and number of exposures to their original settings before continuing with your next shot. Some SLRs will automatically reset the number of exposures back to '1' before advancing the film to the next frame. It's always better to verify this.

All of the SLR Film Special Effects for the Impressionist Effect, detailed in this and the previous Ghosting Effect article, require no special instructions for developing your film. Normal developing at the rated film speed will ensure the picture is properly exposed and developed.

This truly artistic photograph will have you considering a number of display options - maybe an 8” x 10” enlargement, or alternatively, a 4” x 6” print in an 8” x 10” double mat – accentuating the Impressionists Art with the classic beauty of a pewter frame. What a thoughtful gift idea for someone special or that special occasion.


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